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Primitive FTPd

FTP server app for android.

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Some features:

  • Can optionally be started on system boot
  • Shows statusbar notification when server is running
  • Server can be stopped from statusbar
  • Shows information about how to connect on main screen
  • Optional wakelock while server runs to avoid uploads and downloads to be aborted
  • Optional encryption via sftp
  • Server can be announced
  • Public key authentication for sftp
  • Optional anonymous login
  • Widget to start/stop server
  • Plugins for powertoggles and tasker
  • Android 7 Quicksettings Tile
  • Optional root access
  • Optional support for Android Storage Access Framework to access external sd-card the official way (NOTE requires selecting a directory, not the root of the sd-card).

Want to help translating it? See our shiny weblate instance!

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