Reimplementation of Unity's CharacterController class using the 2D physics engine.
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CharacterController2D is a reimplementation of Unity's CharacterController class using the 2D physics engine that doesn't share the same limitations of other solutions.

NOTE: CharacterController2D.Move() should be called in FixedUpdate().


  • Behaves almost exactly like CharacterController.

  • Not raycast-based, uses Rigidbody2D.Cast() therefore takes into account the exact shape of your character's collider.

  • Only uses 2 calls to Rigidbody2D.Cast() per Move() call so is highly performant.

  • One way platforms with any collider type (BoxCollider, PolygonCollider, etc...) using only a tag.

  • Supports ignoring one way platforms for a single frame or extended periods (useful for dropping through platforms).

  • Supports "sliding" along the ground normal for smooth slope traversial.

  • Slope limit for ground and ceiling.

  • Blocker mask allows you to set what layers affect movement.


Add a CharacterController2D to your player object and it will add a Rigidbody2D component and configure it to it's optimal defaults.

You will need to add a collider to your player. It is recommended you use a BoxCollider or PolygonCollider since if you have slopes in your collider that are steeper than slopeLimit then you may have issues with isGrounded and sliding along the ground normal.


You can use CharacterController2D the same way you would use a CharacterController with a few additional features and the omission of SimpleMove().

In addition to isGrounded, CharacterController2D provides a few other useful values.

  • isOnCeiling
  • isOnOneWayPlatform
  • groundNormal


The Unlicence, you can use CharacterController2D in anyway you see fit however I would love to hear from you if you use it in your project!