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% --- Template for thesis / report with tktltiki2 class ---
% tktltiki2 automatically loads babel, so you can simply
% give the language parameter (e.g. finnish, swedish, english, british) as
% a parameter for the class: \documentclass[finnish]{tktltiki2}.
% The information on title and abstract is generated automatically depending on
% the language, see below if you need to change any of these manually.
% Class options:
% - grading -- Print labels for grading information on the front page.
% - disablelastpagecounter -- Disables the automatic generation of page number information
% in the abstract. See also \numberofpagesinformation{} command below.
% The class also respects the following options of article class:
% 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, final, draft, oneside, twoside,
% openright, openany, onecolumn, twocolumn, leqno, fleqn
% The default font size is 11pt. The paper size used is A4, other sizes are not supported.
% rubber: module pdftex
% --- General packages ---
% Automatically set the PDF metadata fields
\AtBeginDocument{\hypersetup{pdftitle = {\@title}, pdfauthor = {\@author}}}
% --- Language-related settings ---
% these should be modified according to your language
% babelbib for non-english bibliography using bibtex
% add bibliography to the table of contents
% tocbibind renames the bibliography, use the following to change it back
% --- Theorem environment definitions ---
% --- tktltiki2 options ---
% The following commands define the information used to generate title and
% abstract pages. The following entries should be always specified:
\author{Eija Esimerkki}
% The following can be used to specify keywords and classification of the paper:
\keywords{avainsana 1, avainsana 2, avainsana 3}
\classification{} % classification according to ACM Computing Classification System (
% This is probably mostly relevant for computer scientists
% If the automatic page number counting is not working as desired in your case,
% uncomment the following to manually set the number of pages displayed in the abstract page:
% \numberofpagesinformation{16 sivua + 10 sivua liitteissä}
% If you are not a computer scientist, you will want to uncomment the following by hand and specify
% your department, faculty and subject by hand:
% \faculty{Matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen}
% \department{Tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitos}
% \subject{Tietojenkäsittelytiede}
% If you are not from the University of Helsinki, then you will most likely want to set these also:
% \university{Helsingin Yliopisto}
% \universitylong{HELSINGIN YLIOPISTO --- HELSINGFORS UNIVERSITET --- UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI} % displayed on the top of the abstract page
% \city{Helsinki}
% --- Front matter ---
\maketitle % title page
\makeabstract % abstract page
\tableofcontents % table of contents
\newpage % clear page after the table of contents
% --- Main matter ---
% Write some science here.
Esimerkkilause ja lähdeviite~\cite{esimerkki}.
% --- Back matter ---
% bibtex is used to generate the bibliography. The babplain style
% will generate numeric references (e.g. [1]) appropriate for theoretical
% computer science. If you need alphanumeric references (e.g [Tur90]), use
% \bibliographystyle{babalpha}
% instead.