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Uptight adds back the ability to maintain user stylesheets in Chrome. This functionality was stripped out in version 32.

This is different than the custom stylesheet extensions authored prior to Chrome 32, as those provide easy access to the Custom.css file, which Chrome now ignores. This extension provides a Custom.css file that Chrome 32+ does not ignore.


  1. Download this extension and put it somewhere safe in your directory structure.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions in the URL bar.
  3. Enable "Developer mode."
  4. Select "Load unpacked extension."
  5. Navigate to the location of this extension and confirm. This will install the extension.


  1. Include your custom styles within the Custom.css file included with this extension.
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Reload the extension by selecting the "Reload" link underneath its permissions data. This will update the Custom.css file.

Extra credit: To avoid having to navigate to the Custom.css file each time, you can create a bash alias that you can use from your UNIX terminal:

alias editcss='vim ~/path/to/uptight/Custom.css'