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Welcome to Alaveteli!

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This is an open source project to create a standard, internationalised platform for making Freedom of Information (FOI) requests in different countries around the world. The software started off life as WhatDoTheyKnow, a website produced by mySociety for making FOI requests in the UK.

We hope that by joining forces between teams across the world, we can all work together on producing the best possible software, and help move towards a world where governments approach transparency as the norm, rather than the exception.

Please join our mailing list at and introduce yourself, or drop a line to to let us know that you're using Alaveteli.

Some documentation can be found in the doc/ folder. There's background information and more documentation on our wiki, and lots of useful information (including a blog) on the project website

How to contribute

If you find what looks like a bug:

  • Check the GitHub issue tracker to see if anyone else has reported issue.
  • If you don't see anything, create an issue with information on how to reproduce it.

If you want to contribute an enhancement or a fix:

  • Fork the project on GitHub.
  • Make a topic branch from the rails-3-develop branch.
  • Make your changes with tests.
  • Commit the changes without making changes to any files that aren't related to your enhancement or fix.
  • Send a pull request against the rails-3-develop branch.

Looking for the latest stable release? It's on the master branch.


Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction




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