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Emailer Script

This org file can be used to send notification emails.


on run argv
   set varMenteeName  to item 1 of argv
   set varMenteeEmail to item 2 of argv
   set varMentorName  to item 3 of argv
   set varMentorEmail to item 4 of argv
   set varTopics      to item 5 of argv

   set varBody to "Hello " & varMenteeName & ", I would like to introduce you to your mentor, " & varMentorName & ".

I hope you are both excited for ISC and the WHPC workshop (just about 6 weeks away)! I hope that you are both able to connect at least 3 times between now and the workshop. Please use email, video chat, slack direct-messages or whatever works best. Not every mentor will be able to attend ISC and/or the WHPC workshop, but hopefully you can prep for the conference together.

I've created some documents about mentoring that you can find here:

In addition to working on your poster, lightning talk, and a general elevator pitch of your work, I've shared topics you indicated interest in discussing below.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Elsa Gonsiorowski
WHPC@ISC19 Mentor Chair

" & varTopics & "

   tell application "Mail"
        set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject: "WHPC@ISC19 Mentor Match", content: varBody, visible:true}
        tell theMessage
             make new to recipient with properties {name:varMenteeName, address:varMenteeEmail}
             make new to recipient with properties {name:varMentorName, address:varMentorEmail}
        end tell
   end tell
end run
for i in `seq 0 6`; do
osascript matchmail.scpt "${mentee[$i]}" "${menteeEmail[$i]}" "${mentor[$i]}" "${mentorEmail[$i]}" "${topics[$i]}"
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