Election Toolkit App

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The Women's Election Toolkit will be React Native app (which is a plugin which sits within the toolkit web client) that enables women candidates to connect with their (frequently illiterate) constituents (through bulk messaging in a variety of media, for both brick and smartphones). The app will:

  • Enable bulk messaging to local constituents, who use both brick and smartphones (using above database)
  • Facilitate recording of testimony (as in the Web portal described above),
  • Enable the reporting of threats, corruption, and violence (using same testimony feature)
  • Allow for participation in Woman's P2P "Electing Women" Community by viewing posts, sending and receiving messages of support.
  • Enable fundraising from global sources (long term feature).
  • Localized training of candidates (long term feature)



Skills required

  • React Native
  • Python
  • Django/Flask
  • MySQL
  • Feasibility study on designing the flow of the application.



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