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Testimony and Message Web Portal

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The "Testimony" portal will be the central online user interface for Women’s P2P Electing Women Campaign, and a foundation for the tools we build, building much needed connection and community for women candidates. Key features include:

  • Women candidates can video record (or upload) testimony about their experiences (in multiple media - text, photo, video, voice message, etc). Most women candidates we have spoken with have requested this simple interface to record and post their video in one step, as well as to delay upload for times when they have better connectivity. (It is prohibitively cumbersome for women in Kenya (who have slow connections and don't use multimedia technology every day) to record in one place (like YouTube) and then upload a file somewhere else.

  • Other global women candidates and supporters can upload messages of support using a variety of media

  • A separate page where women’s “testimony” and support messages will stream.

  • In addition to the above “streaming testimony” page, consider ways to visualize a growing movement, (such as mapping of testimony and messages)

In the future, this "Testimony" portal will be adapted for other projects, including ending violence against women, ending girl trafficking, and other violence-related issues. It will also serve as a foundational component of future “Global Women’s Meetups” where we will hold live, global conversations between diverse communities of women who are connecting using different "onramps."



Skills required

  • React Native
  • Python
  • Django/Flask
  • MySQL
  • Feasibility study on designing the flow of the application.



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