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How to Start a Women Who Go Chapter

NOTE: You must identfy as a woman or gender minority to start a chapter

Suggested TODOs:

  1. You must identify as a woman or another gender minority to start a chapter.
  2. Create WWG page on for your chapter charges a fee ($10-$15) per month to use their site.
    If you want to find a sponsor for this but don't know how or are having trouble, please email and we will be happy to help.
    Links to example pages from other chapters can be found on
  3. Create a Twitter account for your chapter
    This is helpful for getting the word out about your events, seeking sponsors, etc.
  4. I can also make you an email account if you like (eg. Please let me know if you need one.
  5. Submit a PR to add your chapter's links to; the file you need to change is here. Our very own Maartje Eyskens has set up auto-magical deploys with Travis CI, so your new change should be live on minutes after you submit the PR.
  6. Decide what you would like to do for your first meetup - for Women Who Go SF, I did a few exercises to help people share about their experiences being one of few women in Go, and we decided together on the purpose of the group. The Women Who Go NYC chapter did a tutorial/hackathon to help women learn more about Go. Their tutorials are open source here: If you need more resources, ideas or help, please feel free to reach out to
    We also have an email distribution list for WWG chapter organizers. This is a great place to seek help or tips from other chapter organizers.
  7. Find a sponsor for your event! The best place I've found for sourcing sponsors has been Twitter. If you post a link to your meetup event with a request for sponsors, perhaps even tagging the local Go group, I've found that people get excited about the initiative and seem to be eager to help. Tag @womenwhogo for a retweet too!
  8. Continue hosting events! Again, myself and the other chapter organizers are very happy to help with event ideas and sponsors. You are not alone!