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"tags": {
"allowUnknownTags": true
"plugins": ["plugins/markdown"],
"templates": {
"cleverLinks": false,
"monospaceLinks": false,
"dateFormat": "ddd MMM Do YYYY",
"outputSourceFiles": true,
"outputSourcePath": true,
"systemName": "DocStrap",
"footer": "",
"copyright": "DocStrap Copyright © 2012-2014 The contributors to the JSDoc3 and DocStrap projects.",
"navType": "vertical",
"theme": "spacelab",
"linenums": true,
"collapseSymbols": false,
"inverseNav": true,
"highlightTutorialCode": true,
"protocol": "fred://"
"markdown": {
"parser": "gfm",
"hardwrap": true
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