Trick scripts for fun in CUST with a geek story
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The Story of Huang Guoji

Huang Guoji is a sunshine boy and also a fresh man of CUST(Changchun University of Science and Technology).

Hainanese Chicken Rice is his favourite food, the best way to enjoy it for Huang is mixing it with a cup of Taiwan Grass jelly, tasty? right! But I never think so.

Huang has a rich life in university. Not only palying LOL, but there are also many other hobbies, such as Watching Japanese videos, Listening SNH48's songs... by the way, Ju Jingyi in SNH48 is Huang's dream lover. Although Ju is perfect to Huang, she is not the only one. Because another girl brushed past Huang and stolen his heart on the way to eating Hainanese Chicken Rice a few days ago.

Huang even do not know the name of that girl who has broken into his life. Anyway, our brave boy has made a decision to get his Juliet...

Future Story

Forgot to say, Our Huang is also a geek, in order to reach that girl, to get her information and .... Huang decide to using his script skills, and the story will to be countinued ...