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Why doesn’t the pressure work on my pen?

Storyboarder is built on top of browser technology (Electron and Chromium) which handles the pen pressure. Unfortunately, not all pens currently have good support.

Here’s current support for pens, as reported by the Storyboarder community:

Storyboarder Pen Pen Driver OS Notes / Workaround
✔️ 0.12.1 Surface Pro 2017 N/A Windows 10
✔️ 0.12.1 Surface Pro 4 N/A Windows 10
✔️ 0.12.1 Wacom 13HD Latest Windows 10
✔️ 0.12.1 Wacom 13HD Touch Latest Windows 10
✔️ 0.12.1 Wacom 13HD Latest OSX 10.10.5 #568 Glitchy
✔️ 0.11.0 Wacom One Tablet N/A Windows 10 Windows Ink
✔️ 0.12.1 Wacom Cintiq 22HD N/A Windows 10 Windows Ink #632
:x: 0.12.1 Wacom Intuos 3 / 4 N/A Windows 10 #575
:x: 0.12.1 MonoPrice 10 x 6.25-inch N/A Windows 10 Edu ???
:x: 0.12.1 HUION H610 Latest ??? No Pressure
:x: 0.12.1 Wacom Bamboo N/A Windows 7, 8 #667, #585, #575
:x: 0.12.1 Wacom 13HD Touch N/A Windows 7 ???
:x: 0.12.1 Bamboo (CTL-470) N/A Windows 7 #632 No Windows Ink
:x: 0.12.1 Asus EPE121 N/A Windows 7 #632 No Windows Ink, No Eraser
:x: 0.12.1 Wacom Intuos Pro N/A Windows 7, 10 #667 #632, #591, #726 No Windows Ink

On Windows, best results seem to be on Windows 10, so upgrade if possible.

Windows 7

  1. Open Local Group Policy Editor: Run... gpedit.msc
  2. Navigate to User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Tablet PC - Cursors
  3. Enable the Turn off pen feedback setting.


Re: lag in Windows 7 –

Disabling the basic windows tablet drivers and flicks helped the lag a little:



Updating to the Latest Wacom drivers seems to solve most issues.

Thanks to @Templarian for compiling the above information.

Why doesn’t the Shot Generator work?

The Shot Generator uses WebGL, a technology that is not supported by all graphics cards. As of Beta 12, we will notify you if your computer cannot run Shot Generator and/or Perspective Grid.

Why are some of my images missing? (pre Beta 13)

In beta versions of Storyboarder before v0.13.0, a critical bug was present that caused images to go missing. When users quickly created new boards, or duplicated boards, Storyboarder wasn't keeping proper track of the boards created before moving on to the next one. This issue has been fixed in later versions of Storyboarder.

If your project was created with one of these beta versions, Storyboarder will detect it when you re-open the project. You will be notified of the missing files, and Storyboarder will create placeholders for them on the filesystem.

We realize some artists may have lost work because of this bug and we're really sorry about that.

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