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AIDA Taverna Plugin for Taverna Workbench 2.0
Maven to build the plug in. Get all the sources and do:
mvn install
Download and install [Taverna Workbench 2.0]
Modify Taverna's plugins/plugins.xml to include the following plugin description :
<name>AID Taverna</name>
<description> AIDA Plugin 0.2.0. </description>
<repository> LOCAL_MAVEN_REPOSITORY </repository>
<repository> </repository>
<artifact groupId="org.vle.aid.taverna" artifactId="aid-plugin" version="0.2.0" />
Change LOCAL_MAVEN_REPOSITORY into where you setup your maven repository, for example :
- All third party libraries used is described in pom.xml mostly from public maven repository, except for cobra
lobobrowser, which is not available in public maven repository. It originally contain two jar, cobra.jar and js.jar
now it is merge as one artifact cobra.jar.
- Using json library from, can't find it on any public maven repository so I downloaded the code and included
in the src. Not sure if this is how it should be done.
- If somebody could tell me how to include these two library properly I'd be glad to hear.
Not sure, I am open to suggestion