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BlackJack First project
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BlackJack First project

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First project for GA's WDI course was a choice between the game blackjack or connect 4. This was built with 2 weeks worth of knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and the library JQuery. The entire project was completed in 3 days. The game is based upon player achieving the closest hand to 21 without going past 21.

Max bet in this game is 500.

Tech Used / Stack

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • JQuery


  • Shuffled decks every turn (uses Fisher-Yates shuffle)
  • Bankroll with chips that can add or subtract to bet
  • Hit, Stay, or Double Down options for player
  • Outcomes are all based on real life Blackjack scenarios
  • Natural blackjack pays out 3:2
  • In the event player and dealer busts player will get money back
  • Option for ace to be 1 or 11 at players discretion
  • Game lost if bankroll goes to 0
  • dealer has one facedown card
  • Custom playing card images

Future Implementations

  • No more alerts
  • Insurance and split function
  • Possibly use a 2D class array
  • More animations
  • Database and multiplayer
  • Logins
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