Vim config file specially focus on Rails programming.
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A handful of plugins for vim all maintained in one bundles.vim file, useful vim configuration, espacially for Rails coding. All plugins are mantained by NeoBundle, so you can get plugins updated in one command that makes life easier.

Make sure you have exuberant-ctags installed for using vim-ctags if you use Ubuntu. Vim plugin to list, select and switch between buffers. sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

or if you use Mac

brew install ctags

Break Notice

In order to load large project faster in <C-P>, theFuzzy Finder mode, the new version started to use Unite which loads files asynchronously and not cause VIM freezing. To support that I switched from vundle to neobundle, If you use this repo from old version, you need run code below and restart VIM to upgrade.

git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

One Line Installation:

bash <(wget -O-

Old School Installation:

# Checkout configuration files
git clone git:// ~/vimfiles

# Create symlinks
ln -s ~/vimfiles ~/.vim
echo "source ~/.vim/vimrc" > ~/.vimrc
echo "source ~/.vim/gvimrc" > ~/.gvimrc

# Switch to the `~/.vim` directory, and install NeoBundle
cd ~/.vim
mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git:// ~/.vim/bundle/neobundle.vim

# install bundles
Launch vim, you will be prompted to install bundles.

Base Customization

  • Line number
  • Soft 2-space tabs, and default hard tabs to 2 spaces
  • Show trailing whitespace in color red
  • Allow backspacing over everything (indentations, eol, and start characters) in insert mode
  • Always show statusline
  • <leader>u converts the entire word to uppercace
  • <leader>l converts the entire word to lowercase
  • <leader>U converts the first char of a word to uppercase
  • <leader>L converts the first char of a word to lowercase

I want to remind that in most cases is "" key.

If ~/.vimrc.after exists it will be loaded at the very ending, you can write your own customization there. You may have a look at the sample in the vimrc.after.


  • rails.vim included
  • Snippets support included
  • Ctrl-P TextMate like file exploring
  • Unite integrated, loading files asynchronously make loading faster in large project.
  • NERDCommenter
  • tcomment_vim
  • Git integrated
  • Emmet (formerly Zen Coding)
  • Ctags
  • Tagbar
  • Coffee-script syntax
  • Handlebars syntax
  • Haml syntax
  • Slim syntax
  • css, scss, sass syntax
  • Highlights hex codes in css files with colors they present (only work in Vim GUI)
  • Cursorline highlight & cursorcolumn hightlight
  • Browse Ruby Spec Rails API doc quickly with Vim
  • Browse jQuery API doc quickly with Vim
  • Ack: an lternative for grep way pattern search, Ubuntu user should run sudo apt-get install ack-grep.
  • html,css,js formatting with js-beautify. You need to install js-beautify.

Many other good stuff, see vim-plugins list below


update vim plugins

  • :NeoBundleUpdate! - update vim plugins

File explorer

  • <F3> - use word under cursor as pattern to find all matching in the current file
  • <C-F3> - use word under cursor as pattern to replace all matching in the current file, <M-F3> for Mac
  • <F4> - toggle line number in normal mode, toggle paste mode in insert mode
  • <F5> - toggle undo history
  • <F6> - open current buffer's folder in NERDtree
  • <F7> - toggle NERDTree window
  • <F8> - toggle tagbar window
  • <F11> - exeucte :only to make current window maximized
  • <C-k> - show buffer list
  • <C-p> - fuzzy matching, features like Ctrl-p in textMate, from source files, buffer, mru
  • :Ggrep <pattern> - for searching pattern in all files under git managed, ]q open next matching, [q open previous matching, [Q, ]Q for the first and last matching
  • :Ack <pattern> <directory> - for searching pattern in all files under a directory
  • <leader>ub - Show buffer list
  • <leader>uf - Show file list under current directory
  • <leader>ufr - Show file list under current directory and subdirectories, loading asynchronously.
  • <leader>ufm - Show file MRU list
  • <leader>ubf - Fuzzy matching files under current buffer directory
  • <leader>uo - Show current buffer's outline
  • <leader>un - Rotate to next source
  • <leader>up - Rotate to previous source

API document explorering

  • RB - go to Ruby api page with current word under cursor
  • RS - go to Rspec api page with current word under cursor
  • RR - go to Rails api page with current word under cursor
  • JJ - go to jQuery api page with current word under cursor

Work with sudo

  • run vim sudo:/etc/hosts, otherwise a warning will show about unite is disabled.

ruby syntax check

  • syntax check once ruby file saved
  • :Error - open prefix window for syntax error


  • <F4> - toggle paste mode (insert mode)

  • <F5> - toggle Gundo window (history window)

  • <F12> - toggle mouse (for terminal vim)

  • gcc - Toggle comment for the current line

  • \ff - javascript formatting

  • {visual}= - css,js,html formatting if have js-beautify installed.

  • \a= - spilt and align line code by =

  • \a> - spilt and align line code by =>

  • \a== - spilt and align line code by ==

  • \a| - spilt and align line code by |

  • :Tab /{pattern} for others, see :h Tabular

  • <c-y>, - Emmet (formerly Zen Coding)

  • <c-e> - sparkup

  • ysiw" - Wrap a word with double quotation, wor*d => "wor*d", more :h surround

  • yss- - wor*d => <% wor*d -%>

  • yss= - wor*d => <%= wor*d %>

  • crs (snake_case) - fooBar -> foo_bar

  • crm (MixedCase) - foo_bar -> FooBar

  • crc (camelCase) - foo_bar -> fooBar

  • cru (UPPER_CASE) - foo_bar -> FOO_BAR, more on :h cr

  • \P - preview markdown, textile text turns to html output in browser, need ruby built in Vim, redcarpet gems installed in system environemnt (not in rvm or rbenv env) for support converting. more :h preview

Vim plugins included in bundles

Plugins from tpope

  • fugitive a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal

  • rails Ruby on Rails power tools, offers wonderful features for Ruby on Rails application development.

  • unimpaired.vim pairs of handy bracket mappings

  • surround quoting/parenthesizing made simple

  • abolish easily search for, substitute, and abbreviate multiple variants of a word

  • speeddating use CTRL-A/CTRL-X to increment dates, times, and more

  • repeat enable repeating supported plugin maps with "."

  • vim-haml Vim runtime files for Haml, Sass, and SCSS


  • matchit extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages

  • delimitMate provides insert mode auto-completion for quotes, parens, brackets, etc.

  • togglemouse Toggles the mouse focus between Vim and your terminal emulator, allowing terminal emulator mouse commands, like copy/paste.

  • The-NERD-Commenter A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes.

  • tcomment_vim An extensible & universal comment vim-plugin that also handles embedded filetypes

  • tabular Vim script for text filtering and alignment

  • emmet emmet for vim:

  • jsbeautify a javascript source code formatter. ff

  • preview previewing markup files(markdown,rdoc,textile,html)

  • loremipsum A dummy text generator. :Loremipsum[!] [WORDCOUNT] [PARAGRAPH_TEMPLATE] [PREFIX POSTFIX]

  • vim-easymotion Vim motions on speed!

  • BufOnly Delete all the buffers except the current/named buffer

  • vim-ruby Vim/Ruby Configuration Files

  • vim-ruby-doc Browse Ruby RSpec and Rails API docs quickly with Vim

  • vim-jquery-doc Browse jQuery API doc quickly with Vim

  • syntastic Syntax checking hacks for vim

  • gundo Vim plugin to visualize your Vim undo tree

  • Ack Vim plugin for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'

  • vim-indent-guides A Vim plugin for visually displaying indent levels in code

Mac plugin

Vim plugins included in the submodules

  • vundle Vundle, the plug-in manager for Vim

  • vim-localrc Enable configuration file of each directory.

File explorer

  • unite Unite and create user interfaces

  • unite-outline outline source for unite.vim

  • tagbar Vim plugin that displays tags in a window, ordered by class etc.

  • ctags Display function name in the title bar.

  • nerdtree A tree explorer plugin for vim

  • bufexplorer With bufexplorer, you can quickly and easily switch between buffers.

  • buffergrator Vim plugin to list, select and switch between buffers.

  • ctrlp Fuzzy file, buffer, mru and tag finder

  • sudo.vim Allows one to edit a file with prevledges from an unprivledged session.

  • vim-airline lean & mean statusline for vim that's light as air

Filetype syntax highlight

  • less vim syntax for LESS (dynamic CSS)

  • vim-rdoc Rdoc Vim Mode

  • coffee-script CoffeeScript support for vim

  • vim-css-color Highlight colors in css files

  • vim-handlebars Vim plugin for Handlebars

  • vim-slim A clone of the slim vim plugin from stonean. For use with Pathogen.

  • AnsiEsc ansi escape sequences concealed, but highlighted as specified (conceal)

  • vim-emblem emblem support to vim

  • vim-jade Vim Jade template engine syntax highlighting and indention

Code Snippets

  • neocomplcache.vim Ultimate auto-completion system for Vim.

  • neosnippet.vim neo-snippet plugin contains neocomplcache snippets source

  • vim-snippets vim-snipmate default snippets

  • snipmate snipMate.vim aims to be a concise vim script that implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim.

  • vim-addon-mw-utils vim: interpret a file by function and cache file automatically. snipmate needs it .

  • tlib Some utility functions for VIM. snipmate needs it.

Color scheme

  • blackboard Textmate's Blackboard theme for vim (with iTerm2 theme)

  • solarized precision colorscheme for the vim text editor

  • vim-github-colorscheme A vim colorscheme based on Github's syntax highlighting. Created by Anthony Carapetis

  • monokai Monokai for vim.

  • monokai Monokai for vim.


  • vim-gui

  • vim-gui (with dropdown menu for snippets)

  • vim-terminal


Change log

full change log