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Woobi Vidget

A single incentivized video ad.


Woobi.init() - to optimize the call to any API method, please call the init method in your app as soon as possible. This call carries the required operations for a clean and working state.

You can update the GDPR and Consent by calling the method:
Woobi.setConsentAndGDPRState(this, true, "test");
The default value of GDPR is false and Consent is empty string.

Woobi Vidget Ad needs an ad instance to reveal its API. To create an ad instance use the following code:
WoobiVidgetAd mWoobiVidgetAd = Woobi.getWoobiVidgetAd(Activity activity, String appId);

Following instance creation, configure the ad as you prefer, example setters:
private String mClientId;


To present Woobi Vidget Ad, the following API should be activated: mWoobiVidgetAd.getAndShow();

Parameters explained:

appId: The application id as provided by your dedicated account manager.
clientId: The unique user id. If you do not have the clientId please pass null.


To precache Woobi Vidget Ad:

To show a precached Vidget Ad:;

Custom Params

Parameters as JSONObject that Woobi passes to the RTB server. This can be null if no parameters added.
You can add the custom params to the ad:
JSONObject customParams = new JSONObject();

In any case of confusion or doubt feel free to consult the code in the demo application inside the extension zip file.

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