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I have a lsideshow that show 4 items at a time. every slide but the last show correct. The last slide does not go all the way. What I mean is that untill I reach the last slide I can see all 4 items, but when I reach the last item, I only see some of it.

My slider container is 900px wide.

animation: "slide",
animationLoop: true,
itemWidth: 225,
controlNav: false,
move: 1,
slideshowSpeed: 4000,
pauseOnHover: true


I am having the exact same issue. Everything is positioned correctly until it gets to the last slide. Then the last slide is hidden by 18px.

Container is 1240px wide. When it switches to the next section it moves 1240px to the left, but on the third and last section it only moves to 2462px when it should be 2480px.




Well I've recreated it here but it's working the way it should. So I guess I have some issues to work out on my site. Maybe some css issues or something. I don't know.


Wait a second. I just updated it. It was using version 2.0 of the js in the jsfiddle. Now I have it using 2.1 and it's messing up on the last slide.

Could you look into this? I've updated the fiddle.


I didn't have time for a fix, so I used this plugin instead which is GREAT.


Yeah I saw that one, but it's not responsive and I'm already using flexslider in the page. So it'd be nice to just use one plugin. That plugin isn't responsive either.

I just downgraded to 2.0 and everything's working fine. For now. Hopefully I don't run into any complications.


it IS responsive. It's just an option you enable


Ah. You're right. Hmm. Interesting.


I found how to fix this bug, this problem can occur if ".flex-viewport". has margins
To fix this bug, change the line ~681 slider.w = slider.width(); to
slider.w = slider.width() - (parseInt($(slider.viewport).css('marginLeft'), 10) + parseInt($(slider.viewport).css('marginRight'), 10));


I'm also having this issue and have had to downgrade to 2.0 to fix. Hoping this will be resolved in 2.2.




I found a pull request that fixes this issue. Please see it and test. #325


I notice this isn't fixed in the "develop" branch, just tested and the referenced pull request is still necessary to correct it.


we need this fix!


I had the same issue using the Carousel with margins. Using flexslider 2.0 fixed my issue, but the referenced pull request #325 did not.


This take me 1 hour to find out it's Flexslider issue not me! Please fix this problem :)

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