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Doubling of controls when controlsContainer: option is used with multiple slideshows on 1 page #537

closdesign opened this Issue Feb 1, 2013 · 4 comments


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I found a bug with the 'controlsContainer:' option for the Flexslider if there are multiple slideshows on 1 page. It seems that when you add the property it doubles the controls for both the ol.flex-control-nav flex-control-paging and ul.flex-direction-nav.

I thought at first it was and issue on our end, but I copied the code from the Flexslider website, added the controlsContainer option and it did the exact same thing with the basic Flexslider example.
Attached is and image of what you see in Firebug. You will see that the controls get doubled in EACH slideshow.
When I take the property out, the issue goes away. The thing is I need to use that option.


Here is my code

  $(window).load(function () {
              controlsContainer: ".flexslider"

lamster commented Mar 2, 2013

I have the exact same issue. Two sliders, one at the top (3 slides) and one at the bottom (5 slides). The controls are all showing only below the bottom slideshow, so the top one is showing no circles, and the bottom one is showing 3 + 5 circles.


mattyza commented Mar 2, 2013

@closdesign @lamster - Your controlsContainer selector needs to be more specific.

Both of your slideshows use the ".flexslider" CSS class, which is why this is happening.

Add an ID to each of your slideshows (unique on each) and use that as a part of your controlsContainer selector.

@mattyza mattyza closed this Mar 2, 2013

lamster commented Mar 2, 2013

I worked it out with the help of these two articles:
http://www.woothemes.com/flexslider/ 'Setting up multiple flexslider'
http://pastie.org/2582577#11 - how to create different controlnav


mattyza commented Mar 2, 2013

@lamster That's exactly what I've posted above. Your selector for ControlsContainer (or for manualControls) needed to be more specific. ;)

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