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Hi Guys,

Just want to make certain I'm complying with the law and the spirit of your license.

I intend to reference your library Flexslider in my commercial project. I want to be able to use it because it looks like the one of the best implementations I have seen. However, I will not be releasing any frontend (or for that matter backend) code from this project anytime soon, as the timescales are so very tight.

As long as I just reference it as a separate file and do not compile it into my code base (either through minification or otherwise), is this breaking the rules or the spirit in which you give us this great library?

Thanks in advance,


mattyza commented Feb 21, 2013

Hi Andy,

Thanks for checking in.

I'd advise giving the GPL license a read at the following URL:

I believe the main rule is around modification and distribution of the code.

While the license should conclusively confirm any confusions, I'd imagine if the code remains unmodified, the attribution remains in tact and the code isn't obfuscated or compiled into another code base, I'd imagine that to be compliant with the GPL.

As I say, the best bet for getting a conclusive answer on this would be to read the GPL, as referenced above.

If, after reading that, you have further questions, I'd imagine it best to consult with a legal professional, if you deem it necessary.

I hope this helps, Andy. :)

Thanks and regards,

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mattyza commented Mar 27, 2013

@backflip - Please see my comment directly above yours regarding the license and how to proceed.

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