.flex-viewport problem with Opera & IE8 #572

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So I noticed with my slider that in Opera 12.14 (mac) and IE8 (Windows XP) there was a huge area between the slider and paging controls, about 1500 pixels. The only way i could fix the problem was to change the max-height of the the class .flex-slider in the css from 2000 (the default value) to 528 (which is the height of my image).

What is the reason for the max-height: 2000px? i just want to make sure i'm not screwing something else up.

I can't show the example because my job won't allow at the moment.

mattyza commented Mar 1, 2013

@ahite-archermalmo - max-height should only apply if there are items in the slideshow that are taller than the max-height value.

I'd venture that the 1500 gap is due to an item in your slideshow being that tall, and that smoothHeight is probably disabled.

The reasoning behind the max-height value, that I can see, is the avoid situations where "never-ending-ly tall" slides cause large vertical animations, which take up large amounts of processing power.

(Also, slideshows that are that tall probably won't look too great or work too well). :)

Enabling smoothHeight should do the trick here.

I hope this helps. :)

looks like that solved it. thanks for the help!

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