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I've run into an issue with Google Chrome. The nav and control buttons done seem to function. All works fine in Safari, Firefox, & IE. Everything shows up fine, I even notice that the buttons have a nice fade/slaide in effect when you hover the slider in Chrome, but they just don't seem active.

Any ideas what could cause this?

I'm using the framework. is it possible this framework has some sort of conflict?




mattyza commented Mar 12, 2013

Hi Tim,

Thanks for reporting.

Could you please advise the device and operating system you're using when this issue presents itself?

Thanks. :)

Windows 7 64bit | Chrome Version 25.0.1364.152 m

Is this the same as the issue

I read about another issue where there was something going on with the touch settings.

I've set the settings set with the follwoing:

jQuery FlexSlider v2.1

    animation: "slide",
direction: "horizontal",
slideshow: true,
slideshowSpeed: 5000,
animationSpeed: 800,
touch: false,
directionNav: true,
controlNav: true,
mousewheel: true,
    initDelay: 0, 

I had thought that it was the touch feature based on what I just read in another issue (351 & 519) so I turned touch to false and I still have the same problem. The slider does respond to the mouse wheel and the keyboard arrows. I see my cursor switch from an arrow to a hand when I hover over the buttons.

Any ideas?



Ha, I read about another user having an issue could be caused by a Wacom Driver. I had a Wacom Driver installed on my system that I no longer use. When I uninstalled the driver the slider worked again in chrome.

I guess the problem is still there for Wacom users on Chrome though.



mattyza commented Mar 13, 2013

There's unfortunately not much we can do about that, Tim, as we can't control what drivers users have on their systems.

We'll keep on our radar though. :)

@mattyza mattyza closed this Mar 13, 2013

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