Bug with a manualControls and jquery 1.9.1 #593

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yellooo commented Mar 15, 2013

i use the the flexslider v2.1 and jquery 1.9.1. And i got this error message:
TypeError: slider.controlNav.live is not a function
jquery.flexslider.js line 203 ( slider.controlNav.live(eventType, function(event) {)

But works on jquery 1.7 and 1.8.

Any idee ?


mattyza commented Mar 15, 2013

Please see the "develop" branch where we have remedied this.

This version is currently in development and is not for use on production websites.

Please also check if others have reported an issue before reporting one. This issue has been reported by at least 3 different people. :)

@mattyza mattyza closed this Mar 15, 2013

yellooo commented Mar 15, 2013

Ho Sorry,

thank you for the info.
the download link of your website is the version 2.1 ?

And a really good reactivity by the way.


mattyza commented Mar 15, 2013

Yep, that's correct. That's the latest stable version.

I was referring to the development version here on GitHub, to let you know we're working on it. :)

I just spent 2 hours backtracking and assuming I had implemented the manual controls poorly only to find out FS doesn't work properly with 1.9.1. This should be posted in giant red letters on the WooThemes website.


mattyza commented Mar 19, 2013

Please read the other issue tickets on the list before posting.

This has been mentioned several times in issues that have recently been posted here, with each referring to the "develop" branch where we have remedied this in the upcoming release.

We are working hard to ensure that FlexSlider 2.2.0 is as stable as possible for release.

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