A feature plugin for a modern, javascript-driven WooCommerce Admin experience.
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WooCommerce Admin

This is a feature plugin for a modern, javascript-driven WooCommerce Admin experience.

⚠️ This project is in active development, and is not ready for general use. You can follow the features in development by looking at the project's issues. We do not recommend running this on production sites.


Gutenberg and WooCommerce should be installed prior to activating the WooCommerce Admin feature plugin.

For better debugging, it's also recommended you add define( 'SCRIPT_DEBUG', true ); to your wp-config. This will load the unminified version of all libraries, and specifically the development build of React.


After cloning the repo, install dependencies with npm install. Now you can build the files using one of these commands:

  • npm run build : Build a production version
  • npm start : Build a development version, watch files for changes
  • npm run build:release : Build a WordPress plugin ZIP file (wc-admin.zip will be created in the repository root)

There are also some helper scripts:

  • npm run lint : Run eslint over the javascript files
  • npm run i18n : A multi-step process, used to create a pot file from both the JS and PHP gettext calls. First it runs i18n:js, which creates a temporary .pot file from the JS files. Next it runs i18n:php, which converts that .pot file to a PHP file. Lastly, it runs i18n:pot, which creates the final .pot file from all the PHP files in the plugin (including the generated one with the JS strings).
  • npm test : Run the JS test suite

To debug synced lookup information in the database, you can bypass the action scheduler and immediately sync order and customer information by using the woocommerce_disable_order_scheduling hook.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_disable_order_scheduling', '__return_true' );


If you have enabled WooCommerce usage tracking ( option woocommerce_allow_tracking ) then, in addition to the tracking described in https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/, this plugin also sends information about the actions that site administrators perform to Automattic - see https://automattic.com/privacy/#information-we-collect-automatically for more information.


There are many ways to contribute – reporting bugs, feature suggestions and fixing bugs. For full details, please see CONTRIBUTING.md