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@nerrad nerrad released this Nov 12, 2019

Third beta release of 2.5.0. Contains updates to the All Products Block and introduces the Filter By Attributes block!

Image 2019-11-12 at 11 36 26 AM

  • Products attribute block allows for filtering All Products results by attribute (in combination with any other filters that might be active on the page).
  • To reproduce the above screenshot, use the Columns block included with WordPress 5.3.

A reminder, usage of the new blocks introduced in this version require WordPress 5.3

Fixed Issues:

Known issues:

  • Multiple block usage in the same post will update from the same results data (no change from previous release)
  • Multiple potentially unnecessary requests happening when selecting options for filters (we are actively experimenting with ways to improve that).

If you find any bugs during testing (or have feedback regarding ux/ui) we welcome issues

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