admin status page misreports wp_remote_post failure with Paypal #1215

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WooCommerce 1.5.8

When testing "Remote Posting/IPN", Woocommerce says:
"WP Remote Post Check wp_remote_post() failed. PayPal IPN may not work with your server. "

I debugged this a bit, but it's working fine. Paypal is simply responding to the test post with a "405 - Method Not Allowed" response, which makes sense, especially since the test post isn't sending any meaningful data. The script misreports this, however. Yo may want to consider changing the URL or data being posted, or refining the response codes that are considered successful or failures.


I had this problem too.

It would seem the same for WP MEMORY LIMIT.
Woocommerce reports the limit to be set at 32M. That's plain wrong. It is set at 128M and no amount of fiddling with php.ini, .htaccess and vhost.conf can convince Woocommerce otherwise.

Session save path: /var/lib/php/session does not exist ...
Sorry, yes it does!

My first time using Woocommerce and the time I just wasted checking out these problems that didn't exist is annoying to say the least.


@sitesense the memory limit in WordPress is different to php's memory setting.

And the session check simply uses is_dir()

The remote post check issue is valid. Fixing now.

@mikejolley mikejolley closed this in d6183d7 Jul 9, 2012

sweet, that ipn thing was bugging me until i saw it was already a known bug and everything was fine.

@sitesense thats weird cuz its reported mine as being low and i knew it wasnt, so i added

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

to wp-config.php and it reported it fine, try wp-config's way, im not sure but it could be that php has allocated 128mb but adding that line may assign it to wordpress instead of to be shared.

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