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Feature Idea: Attribute Groups #1565

dominic-p opened this Issue Oct 3, 2012 · 12 comments


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dominic-p commented Oct 3, 2012

I'm not sure if this just me or not, so I wanted to throw it out there. I think the idea is best explained by example. We have an attribute that we use for variations called "Ring Size" for jewelry. Pretty much all lady's rings will have one set of available ring sizes (e.g. 3 to 8) and all men's rings will have another set (e.g. 7 to 14). Instead of manually selecting the same set of available sizes for each ring, it would be nice to have a group called "Ladies Ring Sizes" and "Men's Ring Sizes" that we could use to select the same subset quickly.

The UI for the selection should probably be a <select> right next to the "Select all" and "Select none" buttons called "Select group...".

What do you guys think?


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sjeden commented Oct 4, 2012

This would be a great addition too... Alot of my products have the same attributes.. I wouldnt say this was something that is always needed in the core though... but potentially could be


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gobnet14 commented Oct 4, 2012

Hi Guys, I am relatively new to web development and I am using Woo Commerce for a website that I intend to use for selling Fitted Kitchen Products. i.e. doors, handles, cabinets, worktops, etc etc. I am having a real nightmare at the minute with my attributes/variations.

I am trying to set up my products and I cannot seem to keep the variations in order in the admin panel. What I mean is that I set all my sizes in the attributes/configure terms in the order that I want them from 1st to last. Then I import my attributes in the admin panel and save them after I tick the two boxes to the left that I need to tick. Then I save the attributes. Next I move to the variations and I link all variations. The system then calls in 50 of my variations (there are 67 in total) and I hit the link all variations again and the final 17 are imported.

All the variations I have imported have a (hash # or pound sign, depending where you come from with a number #34) the order of these numbers are numerical say from #24 to #91. These numbers run numerically.

My door sizes in each variation are not in the order that I put them in the attributes/configure terms. So I go through them one at a time using the drop down menu and I put them all in order the way I require them. Then I hit the update button to save these but everything including the numbers #24 to #91 are saved all in a mixed up fashion.

I would like to know if there are any other Woo Commerce users having this problem and if they know how to fix it. I have written to Woo Commerce Support but it seems to take an age to get a response. I am on day 4 of this nightmare at the minute. I have even tried reloading woo commerce with no luck. And by the way I know this is not a support forum but I just want to gauge what is happening out there with this Woo Commerce. Thanks

PS. Oh by the way I set a lot of these pages a few weeks ago and it worked fine. (Just I made a stupid mistake and dumped the local server from my machine because it was causing problems, and I lost the database).


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gega23 commented Oct 15, 2012

Hi dominic-p,

yes, it would be very nice to have this feature. Actually i would like to have it now. :-)
I'm just making a site now, and there is a lot of these products, almost all of them have 3 variables, and these variables are linked together like A1-B1-C1, A2-B2-C2 etc.
And also would be nice when somebody selects a group, immediately would be selected the other linekd variables too. Now you have to clear your selection, and start again, and select 3 times a vairable (but you can select only one because one variable is linked only with one another...).
It look strange now.


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m4olivei commented Oct 18, 2012

I like the idea of grouped attributes, but I think it could be more powerful. I'd like to see grouping of attributes on the front end. For example, in my case I am building a jewellery site that sells engagement rings, one of the attributes is diamond/gemstone. They have about 5 each of Diamonds, Sapphires, Ruby's, etc. On display the users is presented with the daunting choice of choosing a diamond/gemstone out of a mixed list, when they probably know they want a diamond for example, and really only need to see the diamond choices.

I mitigated the issue for now by using some Javascript to enhance the for the diamond/gemstone attribute with , but it's necessarily hacky and depends on a string in the slug of each option to group them correctly. I envision there being a group identifier field in the form at Products > Attributes > Add New Attribute. Then on the front end, there would be a dropdown for each of the groups and logic to force choosing only one attribute from one of the groups.


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mikejolley commented Nov 19, 2012

Hi Guys,

Since this is a major feature and we're not sure on demand (or how to do it at this stage (:). Lets gather ideas, and votes, and see where this feature goes.

Vote here:


@mikejolley mikejolley closed this Nov 19, 2012


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sireneweb commented Jul 10, 2013

any news ?


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kermanshahis commented Oct 17, 2014

Wondering! after about 2years this BASE Feature of any online shop doesn't exist in woocommerce! but why?


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gurjyot commented Mar 20, 2015

Any update for this feature???

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@woocommerce woocommerce unlocked this conversation Mar 20, 2015


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mdaliyan commented Jul 18, 2016

Any news? I tried to create some alternative with custom_fields. but because I used custom fields, it ended up not compatible with other Woocommerce plugins. This was my approach:


id name description
1 laptop anything that shows in admin area
2 mobile phone ------------
3 something else ------------


id type_id name description position
1 1 CPU some text that shows in admin area 1
2 1 Media some text ... 2
3 1 Communications some text ... 3


id group_id attribute_id description position
1 1 72 cpu clock 1
2 1 38 cpu family 2
2 1 33 etc 3
4 3 72 bluetooth 1
5 3 38 wifi 2

In Product Edit page, we select product type (for example, Laptop) ... and it renders all attributes before operator's eyes. he can edit them.

With this approach the operator cannot miss any attribute, and the attributes order will be the same among all that kind of product (ex. laptops).

I had custom_field_name instead of attribute_id in group_attribute_relation table. And I had a panel that operator could arrange product type, group, and custom_field name.

If we use attributes instead of custom_field, we can list them all and drag them inside created groups.

unfortunately I have lost that plugin I wrote. I wish I had enough time to create it.


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saulfautley commented Sep 14, 2016

There seems to already be a plugin for this:

Has anyone tried it out?


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mdaliyan commented Sep 17, 2016

No I haven't tried it out @saulfautley . It's bad it doesn't have a light version so we can test it.

Why doesn't woocommerce has this feature out of the box? many ecommerce solutions have it. woocommerce is nothing less than them.


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orionorigin commented Jan 7, 2017

We just made this It allows you to organize attributes in groups and categories and add them together with a single click where creating simple and variable products. A live video of how it works can be found here

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