Width on product images set to 100% - should be max-width 100% #2117

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I know there is an article in the woodocs that says to set your image width large enough so that it doesn't get stretched out, looking distorted, but I think a better solution would just be to not allow for that problem to begin with by setting the width as auto and max-width as 100%.


sjeden commented Jan 2, 2013

this is seen on the wordpress forums quite regularly tbh. normal theme styling though.

jameskoster was assigned Jan 3, 2013


jameskoster commented Jan 3, 2013

We use width 100% so the product grids are consistent. I don't think there's any excuse to use smaller images than the design intends?

for the product archives & shop page, that's understandable, but on the single product page, it could take more than 300px to fill the width in some themes. Also, for related products and upsells - you've only got one row, so the grid is irrelevant - and I think the default is like 2 rows, isn't it, so that can get a bit larger than the shop page.


jameskoster commented Jan 3, 2013

If you're talking about different themes then the default WooCommerce stylesheet is not relevant?

Upsells display however many you specify and related products can be overwritten to display x per page.

I don't think this is an issue. Users should always set their thumbnails to be a size appropriate to whatever their theme is.

jameskoster closed this Jan 3, 2013

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