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Payment options / Shipping dependencies #2961

sjeden opened this Issue Apr 15, 2013 · 11 comments


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sjeden commented Apr 15, 2013

No description provided.

@mikejolley mikejolley closed this Apr 15, 2013

Is this so hard to implement???


mikejolley commented Apr 21, 2013

I'm moving this to 2.1 milestone for consideration. Might be core, might be an extension, haven't decided. I'm also removing your comments because we don't tolerate abuse here. Be respectful or don't contribute at all.

@mikejolley mikejolley reopened this Apr 21, 2013

If you guys were more respectful there wouldnt be negative comments. Im not talking about you, im talking in general. Your attitude should be more professional. Im trying for a while to make an important issue known and all i got was "do it yourself". Anyway, i hope someone will make this right. Thanks


mikejolley commented Apr 21, 2013

How important any issue is is a matter of opinion. I asked you to post this on the ideas board and have since got a long list of comments about how "lame" and "arrogant" I've been by not bending over backwards to code this for you.

With OS software "do it yourself" is a fair response. It's not like you're paying me.

Do you represent the whole woothemes team when you are giving me these responses? I would like to know that. You produced a product that has many things that need to be improved. I made my first suggestion and your attitude was like you were speaking to guy who knows nothing about coding or websites and that you are making me a favor that you have made the woocommerce plugin. As you can see from my pic i already have a working ecommerce system that has many more helpful features. I 'M JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOU FIX THIS FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!! Im a huge WP fan and i really like to see open source solutions. If you want to do this then do it right. If the only thing you care is money then just say it so we dont waste our time.

Im done here

Thank you guys for the discussion, even if it is emotional. It helps in doing progress in this matter. I understand kmanasis, I have also expeerience in e-commerce and developing (I'm front-end developer) but this demands some deeper PHP knowledge and I wolud not like also to hack woocommerce core (it has many drawbacks). As this is very important feature it would be better if implemented in official realese in core or as plugin as suggested mikejolley. Yesterday I voted for this feature submitted by kmanasis (thanks kmanasis) in idea pool.


coenjacobs commented Apr 22, 2013

@kmanasis Let's keep the discussion focused on the feature here. I'm gonna remove all discussion/flame/abuse that is not related to that feature from now on. Let's focus on what's important here, improving the software. If you've got anything more to say about this, feel free to email me directly (find email address via my profile).

What @mikejolley said is very true:

With OS software "do it yourself" is a fair response.

Open source software is all about contributing and writing code yourself. You can't make people do anything by communicating in the way you've done before. Might be not intentional, we just don't tolerate it in these channels at all. We will look into how to add this to WooCommerce core or in a separate extension once we start scoping the set of features for version 2.1.


coenjacobs commented May 14, 2013

We have decided to punt this idea to a future release, not going to follow up for version 2.1.

I have added it to our Roadmap, listed under "Ideas or future releases".

@coenjacobs coenjacobs closed this May 14, 2013


franticpsyx commented Sep 13, 2013

@coenjacobs This is already in place in the case of COD, right? I have done this for a client by hooking into woocommerce_available_payment_gateways and filtering the result, but the same could be done by filtering the is_available result and allowing that to be modified depending on the available shipping methods, just how COD does it.

Core is probably the right place for it since COD already does it. Thoughts?

While I agree it's a good feature, wouldn't we need to refactor a few other things in core to make this happen? Looping through available payment gateways after a shipping method has been selected should be really fast in order to prevent this doesn't deceive/confuses the buyer.

Similarly, this plugin checks if there's a discount in place for an specific payment method.

@jameskoster do you have any thoughts as to where in the UI this would be?


jameskoster commented Sep 26, 2013

Nope, will think about then if/when Mike and Coen get around to building this feature.

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