Not receiving email notifications for new orders #446

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jsraaf commented Jan 3, 2012

When customer places a new order & completes payment via Paypal, no email notifications are generated for either the customer order confirmation or a new order notification to the site admin email. Paypal payment notification email is received however. The order shows as Pending status in the backend Orders section, even though the transaction is completed. Only when the order is updated to Processing are the above 2 emails generated. Is there a backend or Paypal account setting required in order to trigger these?


mikejolley commented Jan 3, 2012

Your PayPal IPN is failing, search closed issues -its been covered many times before.

mikejolley closed this Jan 3, 2012

jsraaf commented Jan 3, 2012

Thanks for your help Mike, I was able to find the correct IPN URL and updated my IPN settings in my Paypal account.

A couple requests:

  1. I didn't see anywhere in documentation the specifics for the IPN info needed, unless I've somehow missed it. Would be most helpful if this info were added
  2. As an enhahcement/feature request, the ability to add your own custom text in the opening & closing of the email in the Email settings area,without having to modify code, would be fantastic.


shopyves commented Jul 16, 2016 edited

I know this is SO old but its still coming up on first page of searches for this problem and I'm sure there are still many people with this problem so I'll just say how I fixed it in hope it'll help SOMEONE cos I've just spent half a day on it. Same problem as many - email notification for new orders were coming through except for Paypal orders. Paypal orders get stuck in pending and so the customer doesn't receive an email confirmation too.
1- Tried the download Postman SMTP plugin and sign up to Sendgrid thing - didn't work
2- Nothing to do with commas in the recipient email line
3- Tried download Configure SMTP plugin - didn't work
Solution was very simple and I'd skim read it in a previous thread but assumed it didn't apply to my situation as I only sell in one currency, but just by doing the following everything ironed out:
Login to Paypal. Goto: Profile>Profile & Settings>My Selling Preferences. Click Update next to Block Payments. Under 'Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold' click the first option Yes, accept and convert them to british pounds. and then press Save. You're done.
I can only assume that even though my whole site is in british pounds, some kind of bug makes you need to approve the payment (poss cos Woo defaults to Dollar, then converts to pound(?)so Paypal reads it as a dollar transaction?)but by ticking this it goes straight through. Paypal orders now go straight to processing and email notifications get sent to myself and the customer. Hope this helps

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