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Ag-Analytics.Org Data ETL Routines Repository

Copyright Joshua D. Woodard, 2016 For License and Terms of use see for full licencse and terms.

Note 7-29-2016: We are still in the process of finalizing some of our codes for public release, so not all of the datasets currently in the Ag-Analytics data warehouse are currently posted in this repo, but will be soon so please check back often!

This repository contains the codes used to source and scrape data from the various sources that make the Ag-Analytics data warehouse. Ag-Analtyics is a open data/open source data warehouse. Each folder contains codes and programs for sourcing a different data set (or set of datasets in a series). We provide these codes in hopes that people will benefit from them, and to provide transparency to users so they can see how data are transformed or restructured for easier access when accessed via Ag-Analytics.Org Users may suggest edits, or contribute codes and datasets they would like to be hosted at by contacting Prof. Joshua Woodard

All of the data that these programs source and restructure are available conveniently through our API or download tool, see below:

Download tool:

API Docs:

Or, you can bulk download the bulk data in the reformatted table form as stored in Ag-Analytics here as flat files:

Visit the data catalog for full listing of metadata here: Or, see FieldDes_tablename.xlsx in each folder for the field description metadata, and TableDes_Main.xlsx in root github folder for table metadata for each table.

We would love to hear your feedback or requests for priority datasets! You can write me an email at or send me a note through our contact page:

Ag-Analytics is NOT a for-profit venture, we rely on donations and grants to fund this work and servers. Please donate to us through Cornell University Giving Site here!

Or contact me directly if you are interested in becoming a named sponsors or partnering with us!