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Split GeoJSON files into smaller pieces.
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Split GeoJSON files into smaller pieces.


$ npm -g install geojsplit


$ geojsplit --help
Usage: geojsplit [-a suffix_length] [-l geometry_count] filename

Version: 0.1.0

Similar to UNIX split, geojsplit splits up a GeoJSON file into smaller
GeoJSON files. Unlike UNIX split, files cannot simply be concatonated
back again.

  -a, --suffix-length     number of characters in the suffix length for split file names
  -l, --geometry-count    number of geometries per split file
  --help, -h              display this message
  -v, --verbose           verbose output
  -k, --key               key to use to split Features into files (state ID, for example)
  -o, --output-directory  put files into this dir
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