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#pragma once
struct DemField;
struct Contact;
struct Scene;
struct ContactContainer: public Object{
/* internal data */
// created in the ctor
#if defined(WOO_OPENMP) || defined(WOO_OPENGL)
boost::mutex manipMutex; // to synchronize with rendering, and between threads
DemField* dem; // backptr to DemField, set by DemField::postLoad; do not modify!
ParticleContainer* particles;
/* basic functionality */
// caller's responsibility to lock manipMutex
// the functions do nothing if the contact does (for add) or does not (for remove) exist
void addMaybe_fast(const shared_ptr<Contact>& c);
void removeMaybe_fast(const shared_ptr<Contact>& c);
void linView_remove(const size_t& ix);
bool add(const shared_ptr<Contact>& c, bool threadSafe=false);
// copy of shared_ptr, so that the argument does not get deleted while being manipulated with
bool remove(shared_ptr<Contact> c, bool threadSafe=false);
shared_ptr<Contact> nullContactPtr; // ref to this will be returned if find finds nothing; such result may not be written to, but we want to avoid returning shared_ptr, since each find would change refcount
const shared_ptr<Contact>& find(ParticleContainer::id_t idA, ParticleContainer::id_t idB) const;
bool exists(ParticleContainer::id_t idA, ParticleContainer::id_t idB) const;
bool existsReal(ParticleContainer::id_t idA, ParticleContainer::id_t idB) const;
// bool pyContains(const Vector2i& ids) const{ return existsReal(ids[0],ids[1]); }
shared_ptr<Contact>& operator[](size_t ix){return linView[ix];}
const shared_ptr<Contact>& operator[](size_t ix) const { return linView[ix];}
void clear();
void removeNonReal();
/* iteration */
struct IsReal{
bool operator()(shared_ptr<Contact>& p);
bool operator()(const shared_ptr<Contact>& c);
typedef vector<shared_ptr<Contact> > ContainerT;
typedef boost::filter_iterator<IsReal,ContainerT::iterator> iterator;
typedef boost::filter_iterator<IsReal,ContainerT::const_iterator> const_iterator;
iterator begin() { return iterator(linView.begin(),linView.end()); }
iterator end() { return iterator(linView.end(),linView.end()); }
const_iterator begin() const { return const_iterator(linView.begin(),linView.end()); }
const_iterator end() const { return const_iterator(linView.end(),linView.end()); }
size_t size() const { return linView.size(); }
/* Handling pending contacts */
struct PendingContact{
shared_ptr<Contact> contact;
bool force;
template<class ArchiveT> void serialize(ArchiveT & ar, unsigned int version){ ar & BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(contact); ar & BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(force); }
// Ask for removing given contact (from the constitutive law); this resets the interaction (to the initial=potential state) and collider should traverse pending to decide whether to delete the interaction completely or keep it potential
void requestRemoval(const shared_ptr<Contact>& c, bool force=false);
int removeAllPending();
void clearPending();
int countReal() const;
Real realRatio() const;
template<class T> int removePending(const T& t, Scene* scene){
int ret=0;
// shadow the this->pending by the local variable, to share the code
for(auto& pending: threadsPending){
for(const PendingContact& p: pending){
if(p.force || t.shouldBeRemoved(,scene)) remove(;
return ret;
/* python access */
class pyIterator{
const ContactContainer* cc; int ix;
pyIterator iter();
shared_ptr<Contact> next();
shared_ptr<Contact> pyByIds(const Vector2i& ids); // ParticleContainer::id_t id1, ParticleContainer::id_t id2);
shared_ptr<Contact> pyNth(int n);
pyIterator pyIter();
#define woo_dem_ContactContainer__threadsPending__OPENMP ((std::vector<std::vector<PendingContact>>,threadsPending,std::vector<std::vector<PendingContact>>(omp_get_max_threads()),AttrTrait<Attr::hidden>(),"Contacts which might be deleted by the collider in the next step (separate for each thread, for safe lock-free writes)"))
#define woo_dem_ContactContainer__threadsPending__OPENMP ((std::vector<PendingContact>,pending,,AttrTrait<Attr::hidden>(),"Contact which might be deleted by the collider in the next step."))
#ifdef WOO_PYBIND11
#define woo_dem_ContactContainer__iterator_PY py::class_<ContactContainer::pyIterator>(_classObj,"ContactContainer_iterator").def("__iter__",&pyIterator::iter).def(WOO_next_OR__next__,&pyIterator::next);
#define woo_dem_ContactContainer__iterator_PY py::scope foo(_classObj); py::class_<ContactContainer::pyIterator>("ContactContainer_iterator",py::init<pyIterator>()).def("__iter__",&pyIterator::iter).def(WOO_next_OR__next__,&pyIterator::next);
#define woo_dem_ContactContainer__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_PY \
ContactContainer,Object,"Linear view on all contacts in the DEM field", \
((ContainerT,linView,,AttrTrait<Attr::hidden>(),"Linear storage of references; managed by accessor methods, do not modify directly!")) \
((bool,dirty,false,AttrTrait<Attr::hidden>(),"Flag for notifying the collider that persistent data should be invalidated")) \
((int,stepColliderLastRun,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::readonly>(),"Step number when a collider was last run; set by the collider, if it wants contacts that were not encoutered in that step to be deleted by ContactLoop (such as SpatialQuickSortCollider). Other colliders (such as InsertionSortCollider) set it it -1, which is the default.")) \
woo_dem_ContactContainer__threadsPending__OPENMP \
, /* py */ \
.def("clear",&ContactContainer::clear) \
.def("__len__",&ContactContainer::size) \
.def("__getitem__",&ContactContainer::pyByIds) \
.def("__getitem__",&ContactContainer::pyNth) \
.def("remove",&ContactContainer::requestRemoval,WOO_PY_ARGS(py::arg("contact"),py::arg("force")=false)) \
.def("removeNonReal",&ContactContainer::removeNonReal) \
.def("countReal",&ContactContainer::countReal) \
.def("realRatio",&ContactContainer::realRatio) \
.def("exists",&ContactContainer::exists) \
.def("existsReal",&ContactContainer::existsReal) \
/* .def("__contains__",&ContactContainer::pyContains,"Equivalent to :obj:`existsReal`, but taking tuple as argument.") */ \
.def("__iter__",&ContactContainer::pyIter) \
/* define nested iterator class here; ugly, same as in ParticleContainer */ \
; woo_dem_ContactContainer__iterator_PY
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