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#pragma once
struct DynDt: public PeriodicEngine{
bool acceptsField(Field* f) override { return dynamic_cast<DemField*>(f); }
void nodalStiffAdd(const shared_ptr<Node>&, Vector3r& kt, Vector3r& kr) const;
Real nodalCritDtSq(const shared_ptr<Node>&) const;
virtual void run() override;
// virtual func common to all engines
Real critDt() override { return critDt_compute(); }
// non-virtual func called from run() and from critDt(), the actual implementation
Real critDt_stiffness() const;
Real critDt_compute(const shared_ptr<Scene>& s, const shared_ptr<DemField>& f){ scene=s.get(); field=f; return critDt_compute(); }
Real critDt_compute();
void postLoad(DynDt&,void*);
shared_ptr<IntraForce> intraForce; // cache the dispatcher, if available
#define woo_dem_DynDt__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS \
DynDt,PeriodicEngine,"Adjusts :obj:`Scene.dt` based on current stiffness of particle contacts.", \
((Real,maxRelInc,1e-4,AttrTrait<Attr::triggerPostLoad>(),"Maximum relative increment of timestep within one step, to void abrupt changes in timestep leading to numerical artefacts.")) \
((bool,dryRun,false,,"Only set :obj:`dt` to the value of timestep, don't apply it really.")) \
((Real,dt,NaN,,"New timestep value which would be used if :obj:`dryRun` were not set. Unused when :obj:`dryRun` is false."))
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