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#ifdef WOO_HDF5
void ForcesToHdf5::run(){
if(out.empty()) throw std::runtime_error("ForceToHdf5.out: empty output filename.");
if(!(what==HDF_NODAL || what==HDF_CONTACT)) throw std::runtime_error("ForceToHdf5.what: invalid value "+to_string(what)+".");
// we don't need automatic printing of H5 errors on stderr
// enough to get information from the exception
/* H5::Exception does not derive from std::exception. Therefore wrap all HDF5 calls
with try-catch and raise std::runtime_error instead so that Scene bg thread can handle
it (otherwise the exception would be unhandled, leading to crash. */
H5::H5File h5file;
// open existing or create new file
if(boost::filesystem::exists(out)) h5file=H5::H5File(out,H5F_ACC_RDWR);
else h5file=H5::H5File(out,H5F_ACC_TRUNC);
// open/create root group for this entire simulation
H5::Group grp0,grp;
string rootGrp=scene->expandTags(what==HDF_NODAL?"/nodalforce_{id}":"/contactforces_{id}");
try{ grp0=h5file.openGroup(rootGrp); }
catch(H5::Exception& e){ grp0=h5file.createGroup(rootGrp); }
// create subgroup for this step
// we allow the group to be already there, for the case two engines
// run in one step, but with different settings (nodal/contact force, global/local CS)
string grpName("step_"+(boost::format("%|06|")%scene->step).str());
try{ grp=grp0.createGroup(grpName); }
catch(H5::Exception& e){ grp=grp0.openGroup(grpName); }
const hsize_t nCols=6; // force+torque for nodes, force+coordinates for contacts
hsize_t dim[]={0,nCols};
hsize_t dim11[]={1};
// contact matching expression (used in the first and second pass, so keep it in one place only)
auto contactMatch=[this](const shared_ptr<Contact>& C){ return C->isReal() && (contMask==0 || (C->leakPA()->mask&contMask) || (C->leakPB()->mask&contMask)); };
// CS transform expression (for rotating forces&torques to local CS, if node is defined)
auto rot2loc=[this](const Vector3r& v)->Vector3r{ return this->node?(this->node->ori.conjugate()*v).eval():v; };
// two-pass operation: first count relevant nodes or contacts, then fill in the data
if(what==HDF_NODAL){ for(const auto& n: field->nodes){ if(n->hasData<DemData>() && n->getData<DemData>().isA<DemDataTagged>()) dim[0]++; } }
else{ for(const auto& C: *(field->cast<DemField>().contacts)){ if(contactMatch(C)) dim[0]++; } }
// dim is now 2d array containing [number-of-records,nCols] (we store nCols components per record, i.e. per node (force, torque) or per contact (force, coordinate)
H5::DataSpace fspace(2,dim); // 2d matrix N x nCols
H5::DataSpace tspace(1,dim); // 1d matrix, Nx1
// enable chunking & compression
// 400 is just a guess of what might have some efficiency for chunked storage
// chunk size may not be smaller than dataset size, otherwise H5 gives an erro when creating dataset
hsize_t chunkdim[]={min((hsize_t)400,dim[0]),nCols};
H5::DSetCreatPropList plist;
// create datasets
H5::DataSet fds=grp.createDataSet(node?"forceTorque_localCS":"forceTorque",/*type to use in the file*/H5::PredType::NATIVE_DOUBLE,fspace,plist);
H5::DataSet tds=grp.createDataSet("tags",H5::PredType::NATIVE_INT,tspace);
// use RowMajor, which is what HDF5 expects when passing data buffer to write (below)
Eigen::Matrix<double,Eigen::Dynamic,6,Eigen::RowMajor> ftarr(dim[0],6);
Eigen::VectorXi tarr(dim[0]);
int i=0;
for(const auto& n: field->nodes){
if(!n->hasData<DemData>() || !n->getData<DemData>().isA<DemDataTagged>()) continue;
const auto& dyn(n->getData<DemData>().cast<DemDataTagged>());
// write datasets, filled with Eigen data; C-style ordering (Eigen::ColumnMajor) is expected
fds.write(,/*type of data in memory*/H5::PredType::NATIVE_DOUBLE);
} else {
H5::DataSet cfds=grp.createDataSet(node?"coordForce_localCS":"coordForce",/*type to use in the file*/H5::PredType::NATIVE_DOUBLE,fspace,plist);
Eigen::Matrix<double,Eigen::Dynamic,6,Eigen::RowMajor> cfarr(dim[0],6);
int i=0;
for(const auto& C: *(field->cast<DemField>().contacts)){
if(!contactMatch(C)) continue;
Vector3r fg=C->geom->node->loc2glob(C->phys->force); // convert to global
// adjust sense so that it acts in the right direction
if(C->leakPA()->mask&contMask) fg*=-1;
// position is rotated and translated
// force is only rotated
// write time value as a separate 1x1 dataset
// if that dataset is already there, do nothing
H5::DataSpace aspace(1,dim11); // scalar (1d 1-matrix), for time value
H5::DataSet timeDs=grp.createDataSet("time",H5::PredType::NATIVE_DOUBLE,aspace);
}catch(H5::Exception&){ /* nothing to do */ };
// close everything
} catch(H5::Exception& e){
std::ostringstream oss;
e.walkErrorStack(H5E_WALK_DOWNWARD,[](unsigned int n, const H5E_error_t* err, void* oss_)->herr_t{ *((std::ostringstream*)oss_)<<" #"<<n<<" "<<err->func_name<<": "<<err->desc<<endl; return (herr_t)0; },/*client_data*/(void*)&oss);
throw std::runtime_error("HDF5 exception in "+e.getFuncName()+": "+e.getDetailMsg()+":\n"+oss.str());
#endif /* WOO_HDF5 */
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