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#pragma once
class HertzMat: public FrictMat{
#define woo_dem_HertzMat__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR \
HertzMat,FrictMat,"Material parameters to be used with adhesive (Schwarz) model.", \
((Real,surfEnergy,0.0,,"Surface energy parameter [J/m^2] per each unit contact surface, to derive adhesive (DMT, JKR, Schwarz) formulation from HM. If zero, adhesion is disabled.")) \
((Real,alpha,0.,,"Parameter interpolating between DMT and JKR extremes in the Schwarz model. :math:`alpha` was introduced in :cite:`Carpick1999`")) \
, /*ctor*/ createIndex();
class HertzPhys: public FrictPhys{
#define woo_dem_HertzPhys__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR \
HertzPhys,FrictPhys,"Physical properties of a contact of two :obj:`FrictMat` with viscous damping enabled (viscosity is currently not provided as material parameter).", \
/* ((Real,kn0,0,,"Constant for computing current normal stiffness.")) */ \
((Real,kt0,0,,"Constant for computing current normal stiffness.")) \
((Real,alpha_sqrtMK,0,,"Value for computing damping coefficient -- see :cite:`Antypov2011`, eq (10).")) \
((Real,R,0,,"Effective radius (for the Schwarz model)")) \
((Real,K,0,,"Effective stiffness (for the Schwarz model)")) \
((Real,gamma,0,,"Surface energy (for the Schwarz model)")) \
((Real,alpha,0.,,"COS alpha coefficient")) \
((Real,contRad,0,,"Contact radius, used for storing previous value as the initial guess in the next step.")) \
/* ((Real,Lc,NaN,,"COS critical load")) ((Real,a0,NaN,,"COS zero load")) */ \
, /*ctor*/ createIndex();
#if 0
struct Cp2_FrictMat_HertzPhys: public Cp2_FrictMat_FrictPhys{
void go(const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Contact>&) override;
void go_real(const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Contact>&);
#define woo_dem_Cp2_FrictMat_HertzPhys__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS \
Cp2_FrictMat_HertzPhys,Cp2_FrictMat_FrictPhys,"Compute :obj:`HertzPhys` given two instances of :ref`FrictMat`. \n\n.. note: This functor is deprecated, use :obj:`HertzMat` and :obj:`Cp2_HertzMat_HertzPhys` instead.", \
/* poisson & en: will move to Cp2_HertzMat_HertzPhys */ \
/* the following three will disappear */ \
((Real,gamma,0.0,,"Surface energy parameter [J/m^2] per each unit contact surface, to derive adhesive (DMT, JKR, Schwarz) formulation from HM. If zero, adhesion is disabled..")) \
((Real,alpha,0.,,"COS alpha parameter")) \
((bool,warnedDeprec,false,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Keep track whether we already warned about not using this functor anymore."))
struct Cp2_HertzMat_HertzPhys: public Cp2_FrictMat_FrictPhys{
void go(const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Material>&, const shared_ptr<Contact>&) override;
#define woo_dem_Cp2_HertzMat_HertzPhys__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS \
Cp2_HertzMat_HertzPhys,Cp2_FrictMat_FrictPhys,"Compute :obj:`HertzPhys` given two instances of :ref`HertzMat`. The value of :obj:`HertzPhys.alpha` is averaged (from :obj:`HertzMat.alpha`) while :obj:`HertzPhys.gamma` is minimum (of :obj:`HertzMat.gamma`).", \
((Real,poisson,.2,,"Poisson ratio for computing contact properties (not provided by the material class currently)")) \
((Real,en,NaN,,"Normal coefficient of restitution (if outside the 0-1 range, there will be no damping, making ``en`` effectively equal to one)."))
// Cp2_FrictMat_HertzPhys
struct Law2_L6Geom_HertzPhys_DMT: public LawFunctor{
bool go(const shared_ptr<CGeom>&, const shared_ptr<CPhys>&, const shared_ptr<Contact>&) override;
// fast func for computing x^(i/2)
static Real pow_i_2(const Real& x, const short& i) { return pown(sqrt(x),i);}
// faster (?) func for computing x^(i/3)
static Real pow_i_3(const Real& x, const short& i) { return pown(cbrt(x),i);}
// fast computation of x^(1/4)
static Real pow_1_4(const Real& x) { return sqrt(sqrt(x)); }
// normal elastic energy; see Popov2010, pg 60, eq (5.25)
inline Real normalElasticEnergy(const Real& kn0, const Real& uN){ return kn0*(2/5.)*pow_i_2(uN,5); }
void postLoad(Law2_L6Geom_HertzPhys_DMT&,void*);
Real pyAvgIter(){ avgIter=nCallsIters[1]*1./nCallsIters[0]; return avgIter; }
void pyResetCounters(){ nCallsIters.resetAll(); }
WOO_CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR_PY(Law2_L6Geom_HertzPhys_DMT,LawFunctor,"Law for Hertz contact with optional adhesion (DMT (Derjaguin-Muller-Toporov) :cite:`Derjaguin1975`), non-linear viscosity (:cite:`Antypov2011`) The formulation is taken mainly from :cite:`Johnson1987`. The parameters are given through :obj:`Cp2_FrictMat_HertzPhys`. More details are given in :ref:`hertzian_contact_models`.",
((bool,noAttraction,true,,"Avoid non-physical normal attraction which may result from viscous effects by making the normal force zero if there is attraction (:math:`F_n>0`). This condition is only applied to elastic and viscous part of the normal force. Adhesion, if present, is not limited. See :cite:`Antypov2011`, the 'Model choice' section (pg. 5), for discussion of this effect.\n.. note:: It is technically not possible to break the contact completely while there is still geometrical overlap, so only force is set to zero but the contact still exists."))
((OpenMPArrayAccumulator<int>,nCallsIters,,AttrTrait<>().noGui(),"Count number of calls of the functor and of iterations in the Halley solver (if used)."))
((Real,avgIter,NaN,AttrTrait<>().buttons({"reset counters","self.resetCounters()",""},/*showBefore*/true).readonly(),"Average number of Halley iterations per contact when using the Schwarz model (updated on-demand)."))
((int,digits,std::numeric_limits<Real>::digits/2,AttrTrait<>().range(Vector2i(1,std::numeric_limits<Real>::digits)),"Precision for Halley iteration with the Schwarz model, measured in binary digits; the maximum is the number of digits of the floating point type for given platform. Precision above 2/3 of the maximum will very likely have no effect on the result, but it will require extra (few) iterations before converging."))
((int,plastIx,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Index of plastically dissipated energy."))
((int,viscNIx,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Index of viscous dissipation in the normal sense."))
((int,viscTIx,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Index of viscous dissipation in the tangent sense."))
((int,elastPotIx,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Index for elastic potential energy."))
((int,dmtIx,-1,AttrTrait<Attr::noSave|Attr::hidden>(),"Index for elastic energy of new/broken contacts."))
, /* ctor */ nCallsIters.resize(2);
, /*py*/
.add_property_readonly("avgIter",&Law2_L6Geom_HertzPhys_DMT::pyAvgIter,"Override the variable so that it shows up in the UI, being always up-to-date.")
.def("resetCounters",&Law2_L6Geom_HertzPhys_DMT::pyResetCounters,"Reset *nCallsIters* and thus *avgIter*.")
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