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#pragma once
struct L6Geom: public CGeom{
Real getMinRefLen(){ return (lens[0]<=0?lens[1]:(lens[1]<=0?lens[0]:lens.minCoeff())); }
// set trsf with locX, and orient y and z arbitrarily
void setInitialLocalCoords(const Vector3r& locX);
#define woo_dem_L6Geom__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS_CTOR \
L6Geom,CGeom,"Geometry of particles in contact, defining relative velocities.", \
((Vector3r,vel,Vector3r::Zero(),AttrTrait<>().velUnit(),"Relative displacement rate in local coordinates, defined by :obj:`CGeom.node`")) \
((Vector3r,angVel,Vector3r::Zero(),AttrTrait<>().angVelUnit(),"Relative rotation rate in local coordinates")) \
((Real,uN,NaN,,"Normal displacement, distace of separation of particles (mathematically equal to integral of vel[0], but given here for numerically more stable results, as this component can be usually computed directly).")) \
((Vector2r,lens,Vector2r::Zero(),AttrTrait<>().lenUnit(),"Hint for Cp2 functor on how to distribute material stiffnesses according to lengths on both sides of the contact; their sum should be equal to the initial contact length.")) \
((Real,contA,NaN,AttrTrait<>().areaUnit(),"(Fictious) contact area, used by Cp2 functor to compute stiffness.")) \
((Matrix3r,trsf,Matrix3r::Identity(),,"Transformation (rotation) from global to local coordinates; only used internally, and is synchronized with :obj:`woo.core.Node.ori` automatically. If the algorithm works with pure quaternions at some point (it is not stable now), can be removed safely.")) \
, /*ctor*/ createIndex();
struct Cg2_Any_Any_L6Geom__Base: public CGeomFunctor{
bool go(const shared_ptr<Shape>& s1, const shared_ptr<Shape>& s2, const Vector3r& shift2, const bool& force, const shared_ptr<Contact>& C) override { throw std::logic_error("Cg2_Any_Any_L6Geom__Base::go: Cg2_Any_Any_L6Geom__Base is an 'abstract' class which should not be used as-is; use derived classes."); }
bool goReverse(const shared_ptr<Shape>& s1, const shared_ptr<Shape>& s2, const Vector3r& shift2, const bool& force, const shared_ptr<Contact>& C) override { throw std::logic_error("ContactLoop should swap interaction arguments, the order is "+s1->getClassName()+"+"+s2->getClassName()+" (goReverse should never be called)."); }
void handleSpheresLikeContact(const shared_ptr<Contact>& C, const Vector3r& pos1, const Vector3r& vel1, const Vector3r& angVel1, const Vector3r& pos2, const Vector3r& vel2, const Vector3r& angVel2, const Vector3r& normal, const Vector3r& contPt, Real uN, Real r1, Real r2);
#define woo_dem_Cg2_Any_Any_L6Geom__Base__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS \
Cg2_Any_Any_L6Geom__Base,CGeomFunctor,"Common base for L6Geom-computing functors such as :obj:`Cg2_Sphere_Sphere_L6Geom`, holding common approximation flags.", \
((bool,noRatch,false,,"FIXME: document what it really does.")) \
((int,trsfRenorm,100,,"How often to renormalize :obj:`trsf <L6Geom.trsf>`; if non-positive, never renormalized (simulation might be unstable)")) \
((int,approxMask,0,AttrTrait<>().range(Vector2i(0,15)),"Selectively enable geometrical approximations (bitmask); add the values for approximations to be enabled.\n\n" \
"== ===============================================================\n" \
"1 use previous normal instead of mid-step normal for computing tangent velocity\n" \
"2 do not re-normalize average (mid-step) normal, if used.\n" \
"4 use previous rotation instead of mid-step rotation to transform velocities\n" \
"8 use current branches instead of mid-step branches to evaluate incident velocity (used without noRatch)\n" \
"== ===============================================================\n\n" \
"By default, the mask is zero, wherefore none of these approximations is used.\n" ))
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