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#pragma once
struct POVRayExport: public PeriodicEngine{
bool acceptsField(Field* f) override { return dynamic_cast<DemField*>(f); }
void run() override;
void exportParticle(std::ofstream& os, const shared_ptr<Particle>& p);
string makeTexture(const shared_ptr<Particle>& p, const string& tex="");
// for static particles, write whether something was written at all
bool writeParticleInc(const string& frameInc, bool doStatic);
bool skipParticle(const shared_ptr<Particle>& p, bool doStatic);
void writeFacetsMeshInc(std::ofstream& os, bool doStatic);
void writeMasterPov(const string& masterPov);
#define woo_dem_POVRayExport__CLASS_BASE_DOC_ATTRS \
POVRayExport,PeriodicEngine,"Export DEM simulation to POV-Ray input files (work in progress) for ray-tracing.", \
((string,out,,AttrTrait<>().buttons({"Show last in POVRay","import subprocess, os.path; dir=os.path.dirname(self.out);['povray','-F','+KFI%d'%self.nDone,'+KFI%d'%self.nDone,'+P',self.out+'_master.pov'],cwd=(dir if dir else '.'))",""},/*showBefore*/true),"Filename prefix to write into; :obj:`woo.core.Scene.tags` written as ``{tagName}`` are expanded at the first run.")) \
((int,mask,0,,"If non-zero, only particles matching the mask will be exported.")) \
((bool,skipInvisible,true,,"Skip invisible particles")) \
((AlignedBox3r,clip,AlignedBox3r(),,"Only export particles of which first node is in the clip box (if given).")) \
((int,frameCounter,0,,"Counts exported frames and uses the number to name output files.")) \
((shared_ptr<ScalarRange>,colorRange,make_shared<ScalarRange>(),,"Range to map :obj:`woo.dem.Shape.color` to RGB for pigment specification.")) \
((Real,colorFuzz,.2,,"Relative fuzz for particle color; the texture is called with RGB colors mapped (via :obj:`colorRange`) from :obj:`Shape.color` - colorFuzz and :obj:`Shape.color` + colorFuzz, clamped to (0,1)).")) \
((int,staticMask,DemField::defaultStaticBit,,"Mask for static particles, which will be exported only once into a special incude file separate from the per-frame include files.")) \
((vector<int>,masks,vector<int>({DemField::defaultStaticBit,DemField::defaultOutletBit,DemField::defaultMovableBit}),,"Masks which will be tried one after another (first match counts) on each particle to determine which texture will be applied to it. Texture names are taken from :obj:`textures` and must be defined in the master file.")) \
((vector<string>,textures,vector<string>({"static","outlet","movable"}),,"Texture names applied to particles matching :obj:`masks` -- the first matching mask counts, textures are named ``woo_tex_*`` and must be modified in the master file by the user (only an example definition is written by Woo). Particles not matching any mask will be assigned texture ``default`` (``woo_tex_default``). Each texture receives two rgb arguments which are colormapped from :obj:`woo.dem.Shape.color` using :obj:`colorRange` and :obj:`colorFuzz`. ")) \
((string,cylCapTexture,"",,"If non-empty, :obj:`InfCylinder` objects will be drawn as several objects, with caps having this separate texture type.")) \
((string,wallTexture,"",,"If non-empty, :obj:`Wall` objects will have this texture applied, regardless of their mask. Meant for easily assigning checkerboard texture to wall objects.")) \
((int,connMesh,CONN_MESH_STATIC_ONLY,AttrTrait<Attr::namedEnum>().namedEnum({{CONN_MESH_NONE,{"none","","never"}},{CONN_MESH_STATIC_ONLY,{"static","stat","static only"}},{CONN_MESH_ALWAYS,{"always","yes"}}}),"Whether to export facets (:obj:`Facet` and derived classes) as connected meshes, and in what cases. This entails building topology and determining connected components of the topology graph, which can demand non-negligible computation; the default is to do it for static mesh only, which is done only once, but not at every simulations steps. It is however necessary to set to ``always`` if non-static mesh is moving and should be exported.\n\n.. note:: Facets are normally exported one-by-one. Mesh allows for more efficient processing in POV-Ray and for things like texture covering more facets."))
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