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# git-aliases
# Author: William Woodruff, 2014
# aliases for common git commands, in no particular order
# Licensed under the MIT License (
if [[ -f /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/git ]]; then
source /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/git
__git_complete g _git
__git_complete gi _git_init
__git_complete ga _git_add
__git_complete gd _git_diff
__git_complete gp _git_push
__git_complete gb _git_branch
__git_complete gck _git_checkout
__git_complete gr _git_remote
__git_complete gf _git_fetch
__git_complete gm _git_merge
__git_complete gcln _git_clone
__git_complete gmv _git_mv
__git_complete grst _git_reset
__git_complete grm _git_rm
__git_complete gst _git_status
__git_complete gs _git_show
__git_complete gc _git_commit
__git_complete glg _git_log
alias g='git'
alias gi='git init'
alias ga='git add --all'
alias gd='git diff'
alias gp='git push'
alias gb='git branch'
alias gbd='git branch -D'
alias gck='git checkout'
alias gckb='git checkout -b'
alias gr='git remote'
alias grao='git remote add origin'
alias grau='git remote add upstream'
alias gf='git fetch'
alias gfu='git fetch upstream'
alias gfo='git fetch origin'
alias gm='git merge'
alias gcln='git clone'
alias gmv='git mv'
alias grst='git reset'
alias grhh='git reset --hard HEAD'
alias grm='git rm'
alias gst='git status'
alias gs='git show'
alias gc='git commit'
alias glg='git log --graph --date-order --oneline --all'
function __git_find_main_branch() {
mapfile -t branches < <(git branch --format='%(refname:short)')
for branch in "${branches[@]}"; do
[[ "${branch}" == "main" || "${branch}" == "master" ]] \
&& echo -n "${branch}" \
&& return
function gcm() {
git commit -m "${@}"
function gpod() {
git push origin :"${1}"
function quickcommit() {
git add -A .
git commit -m "${1:-no commit msg}"
git push
function gfg() {
git clone "$(git config --global github.user)/${1}.git"
function gpom() {
git push origin "$(__git_find_main_branch)"
function gckm() {
git checkout "$(__git_find_main_branch)"
function gmum() {
git merge "upstream/$(__git_find_main_branch)"
function gm0m() {
git merge "origin/$(__git_find_main_branch)"
function gdmom {
git diff "$(__git_find_main_branch)" "origin/$(__git_find_main_branch)"