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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# git-https2ssh.rb
# Author: William Woodruff
# ------------------------
# Converts https remotes in git repos into ssh remotes.
# Incredibly unsafe. Don't use this.
# ------------------------
# This program is licensed by William Woodruff under the MIT License.
system('git rev-parse 2> /dev/null') or abort('No git repository found. Exiting.')
remote_info = `git remote -v`
if remote_info.empty?
abort('No remotes to change.')
if remote_info.match(/git@/)
abort('This repo is already using ssh remotes.')
user = remote_info.match(/(?:.+\/)(.+)(?:\/.+).git/)[1]
repo = remote_info.match(/[^\/]+.git/)
puts "Found user #{user} and repository #{repo}. Changing remote..."
`git remote set-url origin{user}/#{repo}`
puts "Looks good."