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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# frozen_string_literal: true
# umd-dining-balance.rb
# Author: William Woodruff
# ------------------------
# Fetch UMD dining plan balance data for a given student, by Directory ID.
# Uses Mechanize and Nokogiri.
# ------------------------
# This code is licensed by William Woodruff under the MIT License.
require "mechanize"
require "nokogiri"
URL = ""
abort("Usage: #{$PROGRAM_NAME} <username> <password>") if ARGV.length != 2
username, password = ARGV.shift(2)
mech =
page = mech.get(URL)
form = page.forms.first
form.field_with(name: "username").value = username
form.field_with(name: "password").value = password
html = Nokogiri::HTML(mech.submit(form).body)
abort("Fatal: Failed to login through CAS. Check your credentials.") if html.css("table").empty?
table = html.css("table").first.css("table")[1]
output = table.css("tr").map do |r|
end.reject { |e| e == "\u00A0" }
output.each { |e| puts e.sub(" : ", ": ") }