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require 'digest/md5'
require 'cgi'
module GravatarHelper
# These are the options that control the default behavior of the public
# methods. They can be overridden during the actual call to the helper,
# or you can set them in your environment.rb as such:
# # Allow racier gravatars
# GravatarHelper::DEFAULT_OPTIONS[:rating] = 'R'
# The URL of a default image to display if the given email address does
# not have a gravatar.
:default => nil,
# The default size in pixels for the gravatar image (they're square).
:size => 50,
# The maximum allowed MPAA rating for gravatars. This allows you to
# exclude gravatars that may be out of character for your site.
:rating => 'PG',
# The alt text to use in the img tag for the gravatar. Since it's a
# decorational picture, the alt text should be empty according to the
# XHTML specs.
:alt => '',
# The class to assign to the img tag for the gravatar.
:class => 'gravatar',
# Whether or not to display the gravatars using HTTPS instead of HTTP
:ssl => false,
# The methods that will be made available to your views.
module PublicMethods
# Return the HTML img tag for the given user's gravatar. Presumes that
# the given user object will respond_to "email", and return the user's
# email address.
def gravatar_for(user, options={})
gravatar(, options)
# Return the HTML img tag for the given email address's gravatar.
def gravatar(email, options={})
src = h(gravatar_url(email, options))
options = DEFAULT_OPTIONS.merge(options)
[:class, :alt, :size].each { |opt| options[opt] = h(options[opt]) }
"<img class=\"#{options[:class]}\" alt=\"#{options[:alt]}\" width=\"#{options[:size]}\" height=\"#{options[:size]}\" src=\"#{src}\" />"
# Returns the base Gravatar URL for the given email hash. If ssl evaluates to true,
# a secure URL will be used instead. This is required when the gravatar is to be
# displayed on a HTTPS site.
def gravatar_api_url(hash, ssl=false)
if ssl
# Return the gravatar URL for the given email address.
def gravatar_url(email, options={})
email_hash = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(email)
options = DEFAULT_OPTIONS.merge(options)
options[:default] = CGI::escape(options[:default]) unless options[:default].nil?
url = gravatar_api_url(email_hash, options.delete(:ssl))
opts = []
[:rating, :size, :default].each do |opt|
unless options[opt].nil?
value = h(options[opt])
opts << [opt, value].join('=')
url << "?#{opts.join('&')}" unless opts.empty?