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woodworker is a tiny little helperscript for the daily
project work on linux
woodworker <projectname> [<action> [<parameters>]]
if <action> is not given woodworker asumes you mean
the action called "index"
woodworker stores all its information in a hidden folder
named .woodworker
in this folder there are 2 subfolder scripts and assests
in scripts are all the "project" helper scripts are stored
every project has one helperfile with the name of the project
in short the call of "woodworker example test" means that
woodworker looks in your current working dir for the folder
.woodworker and checks in scripts if there is a files called
example and would call the bash method example_test
To start in the actual directory you just need to type
woodworker init
This will create the .woodworker directory with the scripts and assets