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Play Pocket Island

Build Dependencies

To build the game you need the following tools:

Getting Started

  • git clone

  • Get the art assets from and extract them into ./Pocket-Island/images.

  • Run rake to generate all config files, sprite images, etc.

  • Run a HTTP server: You can for example use the SimpleHTTPServer module of python and run python -m SimpleHTTPServer on the command line.

  • Finally, open to play the game (preferably in Chrome or Safari).

Rake tasks

  • rake all : Build project. Copies final files to build/
  • rake check_missing_files : List files that are referenced by the game, but don't exist
  • rake clean : Remove any temp file.
  • rake clobber : Remove any generated file.
  • rake default : what does it do?
  • rake lint : Run jslint
  • rake list_extra_files : List files that are not referenced by the game but are in the project
  • rake remove_trailing_spaces : Remove trailing spaces

Adding new sprites

Start with creating a .sprite file that lists individual images that should be included in the sprite. Then run:

rake sprite_name.png

to generate the image based on sprite_name.sprite file. An image and sprite_name.json will be generated. Use the value from the json file to update entities.json with width, height, spritey and offsetY values. Remember to divide pixel values by 48 before entering them in entities.json.


All code provided in this repository is covered by an MIT license, as described here

Images are licensed under a Creative Commons License and are provided separately.