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FF: stuck in Tutorial (should build a house, but stuck in Decorations) #4

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Alexander Farber Horia Dragomir
Alexander Farber

In the latest hdragomir/master
(I can't submit issues there, so I'm doing here)
there is an issue with tutorial with FF13.0.1 sometimes:

you're asked to "Buy a Peasant's House by
tapping the green button...", but you can't
change to Houses tab in the shop.

(I'd like to attach a screenshot here, but don't know how - )

Horia Dragomir

The problem is that Firefox sorts object keys, whereas other browsers leave them as defined.
Fix should come soon.

Alexander Farber

I've seen that error in Chrome 20 today too.
Maybe better not to rely on the keys order in objects?

Horia Dragomir

Yeah, they should be converted to arrays.

We kept using objects because they worked as expected. It's time for the switch.

Horia Dragomir

This was fixed with the merge of this pull request.

Horia Dragomir hdragomir closed this
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