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While this is a great game and this is a demonstration of what we could do with HTML5, I think it would be even greater to show that to anyone in its language.

So I just imagine an internationalization system with which translators could localize the game :).


Yes, this is a great idea!

Could you get working on an internationalization system, please?

afarber commented Jun 27, 2012

I can provide russian strings in future, but am not sure how to do i18n the right way in JavaScript, maybe just put everything into some JSON files?


first, we need to know what the strings are, then we need to centralize them all. JSON is definitely recommended, but we can generate it from .po files, or whatever.

We can even make do with Google Docs.

The first step, though is to revive the old L10N.js


I will take a look at it too. I can translate it into Spanish.
I'll take a look at how i18n can be implemented and stay tuned to listen to others' proposals.
I'm interested in documenting how things work in Pocket Island.
I'm writing something on my fork's Wiki to merge it with Wooga's.

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