A disk based error_logger.
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elogger is a disk based, file wrapping, error_logger.

elogger.erl is identical to the logger.erl module from jungerl. It has been renamed and put at github for convenient usage by other Erlang github project.

To set it up: add it as a git submodule and make sure the Erlang path is including its ebin directory. Then start it from your supervisor. Example:

server(Name, Type) ->
    server(Name, Type, 2000).

server(Name, Type, Shutdown) ->
    {Name, {Name, start_link, []}, permanent, Shutdown, Type, [Name]}.

worker(Name) -> server(Name, worker).

init([]) ->

    Elogger = worker(elogger),

    {ok,{{one_for_one ,0,1},

Use the following configurations parameters in your .app file to control the name, size and number of logfiles.

{env, [
    {nolog, false},
    {errlog_type, error}, % all : also progress reports
    {error_logger_mf_file, "/var/log/redhot/redhot"},
    {error_logger_mf_maxbytes, 500000},
    {error_logger_mf_maxfiles, 5},

Good luck!