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  • Fixed bug in eredis_sub where the socket was incorrectly set to {active, once} twice. At large volumes of messages, this resulted in too many messages from the socket and we would be unable to keep up.


  • Support added for pubsub thanks to Dave Peticolas (jdavisp3). Implemented in eredis_sub and eredis_sub_client is a subscriber that will forward messages from Redis to an Erlang process with flow control. The user can configure to either drop messages or crash the driver if a certain queue size inside the driver is reached.

  • Fixed error handling when eredis starts up and Redis is still loading the dataset into memory.


  • Support added for pipelining requests, which allows batching multiple requests in a single call to eredis. Thanks to Dave Peticolas (jdavisp3) for the implementation.


  • Support added for transactions, by Dave Peticolas (jdavisp3) who implemented parsing of nested multibulks.


  • Configurable reconnect sleep time, by Valentino Volonghi (dialtone)

  • Support for using eredis as a poolboy worker, by Valentino Volonghi (dialtone)