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# coding: utf-8
# Please run with ruby-1.9.3, otherwise Zlib.inflate won't work.
# Link to tweet:
require'zlib';s='';'༭橂ㅊ0ↆ௿㲢߽ឡ⡎䒼ᾛ⹲᱓̨ᬟ⒴∀ቆ㫼ᒀᖀ㓷⬓努ᮇ⠖㌠◆敌啑庝ⓖ㣬ḫ浔䵻㑬嵆䑥ኳⱄ慏丟棏㶯㶶㉹㖟㢘怞䦞ᱬ汿䭒尩撿泝ч暨堠'.codepoints{|p|s<<"%15b"%p};puts Zlib.inflate [s].pack'b*'
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