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v 0.2.0

  • Introducing default route

v 0.1.1

  • BUGFIX: hostnames with hyphens e.g s-app-1 break the syslog parser

v 0.1.0

  • Make Syslog parsing independent from haproxy
  • Examples on how to use it with node.js and connect including a simple node.js profiler

v 0.0.10

  • Do not crash when an exception occurs during URI parsing (Knut Nesheim)

v 0.0.9

  • Support syslog message format (Knut Nesheim)

v 0.0.8

  • config file similar to unicorn.rb
  • support for custom parsers
  • support for custom recorders
  • simple router
  • improved test suite

Known issues

  • daemonize mode is still broken

v 0.0.7

  • support for pid file in normal mode (not daemonized)
  • daemonize mode is broken