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Lazy TNetstring

Data Accessor to lazy parse and update tnetstrings, implemented in C.


Say you have a tnetstring (see assigned to data

data = "92:4:key1,6:value1,5:inner,48:4:key1,13:inner value 1,4:key2,13:inner value 2,}4:key2,6:value2,}"

that resembles the following Ruby Hash

  'key1' => 'value1',
  'inner' => {
    'key1' => 'inner value 1',
    'key2' => 'inner value 2'
  'key2' => 'value2'

you can interact with it like this

>> require 'lazy_tnetstring'
=> true

>> da =
=> #<LazyTNetstring::DataAccess ...>

# hash-like access
>> da['inner']['key2']
=> "inner value 2"

# updating values
>> da['inner']['key2'] = 'new value'
=> "new value"

# your data is not updated in place
>> data
=> "92:4:key1,6:value1,5:inner,48:4:key1,13:inner value 1,4:key2,13:inner value 2,}4:key2,6:value2,}" 
=> "87:4:key1,6:value1,5:inner,43:4:key1,13:inner value 1,4:key2,9:new value,}4:key2,6:value2,}"

# accessing unknown keys yields nil
>> da['nonexisting']
=> nil


rake build
gem install lazy_tnetstring-*.gem


If you want to compare the performance of lazy parsing/updating to parsing a full tnetstring some simple benchmarks are included. To compare the time it takes to parse and update 1000 random keys with the tnetstring library versus this lazy_tnetstring library simply run:

rake benchmark


Copyright (c) 2011 wooga GmbH See MIT-LICENSE for details.